Biweekly $2 2v2 Sign Up
This is the sign up form for the $2 2v2 tournament. Feel free to sign up, even if you don't have a partner, and if there's another single, we'll match you up! Please review the rules and make sure you're putting in the correct information.

Tournament Rules:

-Matches will be best of 3, semifinals and finals best of 5.

-Matches will be played on West server by default unless both teams agree to East

-80% of prize pool will go to first place, 20% to second place.

-If players are more than 10 minutes late to a match they will forfeit.

-Tournament will begin at 7pm unless public outcry calls for a change in time.

-Payment is $1 per person and is accepted through our treasurer's venmo @C-Stinson. We prefer if you pay in advance, although day-of is accepted. Please put "2v2 Tuesday (your discord username or team name)" in the description.
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