CEDESOL Intern Application
Thank you for your interest in CEDESOL! We are excited that you want to join our efforts in placing sustainable, environmentally friendly technology in the hands of those in Bolivia who need it most. This is a great opportunity for you to gain practical experience in the non-profit sector and develop skills that will be forever valuable.

Please fill out the following application, in order to help us to determine the best possible spot for you in our organization. You don't have to be exhaustive in the information you give. Please focus on what is most relevant to your application for an internship at CEDESOL. You will be asked to send a resume after submitting your application, thus you only have to repeat in this form the information (education, work/volunteer experience...) that you think will most help us while comparing your profile with the needs of CEDESOL.

Note: Simply filling out this application does not automatically guarantee you a position. We have a limited number of spots and need people with different skills at different times. To be most effective, a two to three month commitment is preferable. That being said, we are always appreciative of those who want to work with us and try to find substantial work for all who apply.
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Please be concise. Please list the degrees you have obtained/you are preparing and indicate the fields in which you have studied/you are studying. You may provide more detailed information on particular courses, if you think that they are relevant to your application at CEDESOL.
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Please be concise. Additionally to your past/current work positions, you may mention internships or research projects at a university (for instance). In case you have a long work experience, please only mention the most relevant positions, or at least emphasize them.
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