KathFest Idea Pitching
Coming up with decent idea is arduous, but convincing others to work with your ideas is even more arduous. In the field of business, the task of bringing an idea to someone with the power to do something with is called a pitch. As a freelancer, entrepreneur or any other form of hustler, we never know when the opportunity to pitch an idea may arise. The opportunities to pitch are everywhere; that’s why we need to start to pitch an idea right now.

The main motto of this event is to develop and enhance the idea sharing and presenting skills of the participants. This event allows the participants to explore and dive into the real business world making them innovative and motivate them to have their own business set up with their own business ideas.

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Venue: Kathford International College of Engineering and Management, Balkumari, Lalitpur
Date: 29th and 30th Poush

Registration : Poush 17th to Poush 24th.
Registration fee: Rs. 1000 (Per Team)

Shankar Tiwari - 9860424046/9860607525
Email - tiwarishankar753@yahoo.com

General Rules
• A team must have three members. Participants must be bachelors’ students in any stream.
• Competitors should present their ideas in visual presentation slides.
• Ideas other than theme would be less appropriate.
• Ideas must not be copied. Any form of copy right will result in disqualification of the group.
• Participants cannot reject the questions asked by jury.
• The final decision of jury members will be valid.
• Any misconduct or violation of above mentioned rules with result in immediate disqualification of the group.
• Registration charge for each team is Rs. 1000. (Includes a lunch set)
• Each team member must provide a copy of their student id card on arrival.
Winner Prize
Winner: Certificates and cash prize of Rs. 5,000.

First Runner Up: Certificates and cash prize of Rs. 3,000.

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