Fellowship Scholarship - Nomination form
The fellowship scholarship (Kamratstipendiet) was instituted in 1912 to appoint and reward good comrades at each of the student union's chapters. Each chapter has the right to nominate up to three members who share the prize. The prize consists of the return from the Foundation of the Institute of Technology in Stockholm, the Camper Scholarship Fund, and is usually between 40,000 and 60,000. The funds are divided between the chapters (around 2,000 - 3,000 SEK per chapter), and is then distributed evenly between the students who have been nominated by the chapter.

How are the elections and decisions done?

According to the foundation's statutes, the election of a scholar shall be conducted every year at the chapter's spring meeting (chapter meeting). The choice can be made at a sitting meeting or by putting votes in a closed container (urnval). The chapter may decide to appoint more than one, but no more than three scholarships. The scholarship committee (Stipendiumrådet) decides who should be awarded the scholarship, based on the nominations done by the chapter.

The PhD Chapter opens up for nominations until the Chapter meeting 6 of Mars 17:17 and will have the elections of nominees then, either by acclamation (if three or fewer nominees have been made) or by closed votation (if more than three nominees have been received).

Who should be nominated?

The members choose the fellow (s) who are considered most deserved to receive the scholarship. The chapter may also choose not to appoint any fellow. If this happens, the amount will be distributed to other fellows. All Chapter members can nominate suitable candidates.
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