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Google is great. You can look up recipes, weather, and the latest sports scores.

But what do you do when your question about how God can be three persons yet be one God returns 2.8 million answers, 2000 years of church history, and literally thousands of books on the subject, all from a huge variety of theological backgrounds? Which ones to you trust?

And what do you do when you don't know exactly what to ask?

Because of these very issues, we want to give everyone a way of asking the questions they have and know they're talking to a trusted source. As your pastors, our means of discipleship is God's Word, the Holy Bible. We're familiar with the theological issues of our own day and throughout church history. And we want to help you get the answers you need.

If you want, you can ask your questions anonymously. You only have to fill in the Name box if you want to.

Regardless, we'll respond to your question usually within only a few hours, depending on if we need to do a little reading ourselves. We're not going to give you a cheap answer.

Also, most of the questions that get asked here will be logged on the Ask page on our website, anonymously, no matter if you gave us your name or not. We think that this is important so that people see that every question is a good question. Most people will have the same question you do, even if they don't know it yet. What a great place to collect the questions and answers of Mt. Pisgah!

There is no virtue in ignorance. Ask away.

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