Alvin ISD Advanced Placement and Pre-AP Contract 2019-2020 (MJH)
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2019-2020 Advanced Placement, MAP, and Pre-Advanced Placement AgreementAlvin Independent School District
AP Courses are of college level; students who earn a score of 3 or higher on the corresponding AP exam may earn college credit. Pre-AP courses are designed to prepare students for success in AP courses. Students are required to read and write extensively outside of class. Parents and students must carefully consider course requirements in light of student readiness, commitment, and personal schedule. Grading, late work, retesting, and reteaching will follow the current campus *grading guidelines. It is an EXPECTATION that the student will take the AP test at the end of an AP course. While College Board imposes a minimum test fee of $94 per exam, Alvin ISD absorbs much of this cost, and students only pay a $30 fee per test for each exam that is ordered by the College Board deadline (waiver available for free/reduced lunch). Students who register to take an AP exam after the College Board deadline, or do not take the exam, are subject to late registration fees and/or a test return fee for EACH exam. Fees are imposed by College Board, not AISD. Fee amounts are subject to change per College Board, and free/reduced lunch waivers do NOT apply to fees. More information can be found at the link provided.

Course Changes
Students who enroll in Pre-AP/AP classes commit to completing the course. Students requesting a course change will have from the beginning of the 7th week until the end of the 9th week to complete the course change request process. This process entails multiple steps, including a form signed by the teacher, Advanced Academics Specialist, parent/guardian, and counselor. Proof of tutoring and/or other interventions or support measures are also required in order to request a course change. Course changes may not be official until AFTER the end of the first nine week grading period. Course changes will only be made based on educational need, per campus administration.

To initiate a change out of a Pre-AP/AP class, a conference must occur between the student, the parent/guardian, the teacher, and the principal or designee to determine educational need. Changes will be made only if it is deemed educationally necessary and if space is available in the course. A non-credited course such as an open period or office aid will not be considered. Should the committee not agree that the change is based on the best educational need of the student, he or she will be required to complete the course selected. If the student transfers to another course, the student’s grade (without weighting), will transfer to the new class.

Student Agreement including *Academic Integrity Guidelines
I understand that Pre-AP/AP courses are designed to help prepare me for success in college and in college-level (AP) course work. I recognize there is a time commitment outside of class, and I agree to organize my time and effort for success. I realize that attendance is important. I will be prepared to participate. I will notify the teacher if I fall behind. I understand that I will be required to complete assignments outside of class. I will adhere to the *AISD Integrity Guidelines.

Parent Agreement
I understand that Pre-AP/AP courses are rigorous and require study time outside of class and I agree to support my student in this work. I will notify the teacher immediately of any concerns that I have relating to my student’s progress. I understand that if I want my child to enroll in any non-recommended course from the AISD Advanced Academics Recommendation Form, a face-to-face conference will be required. In addition, I understand that I am responsible for all AP testing fees incurred by my child(ren), including the fees for ordering tests after the College Board deadlines and/or not taking an ordered exam.

*Academic Integrity Guidelines and the Alvin ISD Secondary Grading Policy can be found at
Academic Integrity Guidelines
It is the policy of Alvin Independent School District to facilitate honesty and integrity among the student body. Students must work to be successful in the classroom, each on his/her own merits.

Academic misconduct can be defined to include but not limited to, giving or receiving of unauthorized aid on examinations or in the preparing of notebooks, themes, reports or other assignments, knowingly misrepresenting the source of any academic work; unauthorized changing of grades; unauthorized use of school approvals or forging of signatures, plagiarizing of another’s work, or otherwise acting dishonestly in the classroom.

Academic misconduct of any kind is unacceptable and will result in disciplinary consequences. The assignment will receive a zero and the parent will be notified at that time. Repeated offenses may jeopardize the student’s ability to successfully complete the course.

Examples of Academic Misconduct

Cheating – giving, using, or attempting to see unauthorized materials, information, notes, study aids, or other devices in any academic exercise, including unauthorized communication of information

Fabrication or Falsification – unauthorized alteration or invention of any information or citation in an academic exercise

Plagiarism – knowingly presenting the work of another as one’s own (i.e. without proper acknowledgement of the source). The sole exception to the requirement of acknowledging sources is when the ideas or information are common knowledge. This includes the use of Internet sources.

Facilitating Academic Misconduct – giving or attempting to help another commit an act of academic misconduct

Tampering with Materials, Grades or Records – interfering with, altering or attempting to alter school records, grades or other documents without authorization from an appropriate school official for the purpose of changing, falsifying or removing the original information found in such records

Copyright Laws – All applicable copyright laws will be in effect as related to both computer software and printed materials. (See the Alvin ISD Technology Usage Policy.)

Source: University of Kansas and Bentonville High School
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