Strafford Ball 2019 Pre-Registration Form
NOTE: The 2019 ball is now full. Further pre-registrations will be put on the waiting list.

Couples at the same mailing address should register together using this form; couples with different addresses should use two of these forms. Admission priorities are the same for those registering together or separately. Please send a print of email confirmation with your payment by check. Important: Due to hall size limitations a lottery is held to determine who is accepted into the ball; filling out this form does not guarantee acceptance. You will only know that you have been accepted when your check is cashed or when you get an acceptance package.
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Admission & Scholarships: The cost of putting on the ball is $40/person. If this price discourages you from applying, select the Reduced option or apply for a Full Scholarship. You can help support others by selecting the Donor option or enclosing a donation amount of your choice.
Any comments about this form or registration process. Volunteers check these forms periodically; feel free email or call us if our response is not quick enough.
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Connection (partner with different US Mail address)
Optional name of partner with a different US Mail address applying separately using another form like this. For couples at the same US mail address, check the box below instead to add a second person to this form. No partner necessary, but if you would like us to know that you are connected with someone applying via another form, enter their name here.
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No partner necessary but check below if you are registering a second person (spouse / partner) at the same US Mail address. NOTE: For a partner at a different US Mail address, submit an additional form.
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