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The IPM4Grains team is requesting feedback on the development of an IPM Checklist, to assist grain growers and agronomists with re-orienting their management strategies.

We appreciate your time, and any insight you might share with us! 
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This is the first iteration of the checklist - subject to change pending your feedback in the subsequent questions. 
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How likely are you to practice each of these checklist recommendations? *
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1. Calculate risk
2. Prepare the paddock
3. Know friends and foes
4. Monitor across farm
5. Look beyond the fence
6. Assess damage
7. Hold the spray
8. Know your options
9. Choose your crop
10. Reflect on records
Is there anything about the checklist that you would change?  *
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Do you have any other feedback on the presentation or content of the IPM Checklist? 
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