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The below submitted details will remain private. Approval would take place between 24 hrs to 7 days depending upon form vs facebook data validation. In case if we feel data is not complete this request may get rejected as well.

After you are approved to the Facebook group, you have to call one of verifying admin team within 15 days so the admins can verify the person.  Those who don’t call will be removed and permanently blocked from joining group again.  Thereafter, for all members who are mostly inactive in group, will need to call a verifying admin every 3 months (you can set a 3 months repeating reminder etc in calendar).  The numbers of verifying admins are given inside Facebook group.
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👉 1. MOST IMPORTANT: You need to give your personal Facebook Username which you use with your family/friends/the world.   (The group is private so no one outside the group will know about your membership in the group.)  Any id created temporarily for joining our group will not be entertained.  👉 2. To find your username Click Your Username is in BOLD letters.  (See arrow pointing to Username in below screenshot)
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Places at which cases filled. If multiple cities/towns/districts, then mention all their names.  If no case filed, mention NA.
Non Marital Cases Filed on you. Select existing cases only.
If you are part of other Men's rights related groups them list all the group names.  If not, then mention None. *
I understand that this is a group maintained by volunteers and community, and there is no warranty or legal liability on any group members/volunteers/admins/moderators for information shared/discussed inside group.  I agree that I can be removed and blocked permanently for violation of group guidelines as mentioned at MRI website. (Password for the below links is: MRI) * *
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