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How did you and your partner meet?
When was your first date and what was it like?
Do you have any children or pets?
When did you "know" that they were the right person?
When did you first say, "I love you?"
When did you know you wanted to get married?
How did you get engaged?
What are your nicknames for each other?
What's something quirky or unique about your relationship?
What type of work do you and your partner do?
What do you like to do together? (keep it rated PG)
What type of music do you and your partner like?
What is you and your partner's favorite movie and/or TV Show?
How would you describe your relationship?
How do you describe your fiancé to people who are hearing about him/her for the first time?
What, if anything, do you expect to change about your relationship after this wedding (other than more free time, of course)?
What are you most looking forward to about your life together, after your wedding?
What do you see when you think about your future together?
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I know some of the questions are intense. It's okay if you didn't answer all of the questions. This is meant to be helpful to me and not to make you feel uncomfortable. Your answers will be very helpful in preparing your wedding ceremony. Remember, do not show your answers to each other – send them only back to me! I will save a copy of your answers in your file.
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