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Thank you so much for your interest in the Liberated Minds Homeschool HUEniversity Membership.  Please take a moment to provide the necessary information needed to connect with you.
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Educator Exchange Program!
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For those who answered yes or maybe to the last question, what skills or services would you like to offer that are your expertise? Please number them if it is a list and explain a little of your background or skill level in each area. 
List subjects/types of classes that you would like to teach.
Do you have any experience as an educator?  Please share that experience plus provide a brief description and your passion for Black children.
Do you have any experience in teaching online?  If so, please explain.
Please provide any of your educator samples, websites, social media, videos,  resume, etc. that display your experience and character. (If you do not have any, please feel free to still apply)
Grade Levels that you would like to teach. (Please check all that apply)
Please share any additional Information you would like to offer if you choose?
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