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The Caretaker will be a collection of science fiction short stories on the theme of 'the caretaker'. This could be an actual janitor, or someone trying to keep a drifting ship functioning, or something looking after a strange infant, or whatever fits. Word count must be between 2500 and 10000 words. It will be the fifth anthology in the series which started with The Newcomer.
Please use this form to submit your entry to the anthology. The deadline for entries is 2359 GMT 10 May 2021.

By submitting your short story, you grant non-exclusive rights in perpetuity for it to be included in the anthology. There will be no fee for entry and no payment for inclusion.

You also agree that if your story is included you will send an announcement of its release to your mailing list and social media (I will announce a schedule of mailing list dates before release) and do your best to spread the word about the anthology. If you do not have a mailing list yet, this anthology could be the start - you can sign up for one which gives you up to 1000 subscribers free here: https://www.mailerlite.com/invite/ed2234e5b9585
As the editor, I will be using profits from the sales to cover setup costs and my time and to pay for ongoing advertising. I will let the included authors know about major marketing drives so we can co-ordinate buzz.

One of the fields asks you for links to the file. Please could you put your file on Google Drive and share it with alasdair.shaw13@gmail.com.
In case you are wondering about me...
I have been a scifi writer for many years. I have had several successful short stories, novellas and novels.
This will be the fourth anthology I have edited.
You can have a look at The Newcomer and the other anthologies I've edited at http://www.alasdairshaw.co.uk/thenewcomer/
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