CSK Menu & Subscription Registration Form!
Greetings, Food-lovers!!   <3
Welcome to the *Subscription Menu* of the COMMUNITY SUPPORTED KITCHEN(!) -- N'Dakina*, a.k.a. Central Vermont edition!

Though this document is a Registration & Order Form, you may also simply peruse the menu, and through it learn more about the CSK.  And, if desired, you may subscribe to any of the CSK's menu of amazing prepared foods and herbal medicines (and/or place one-time orders).  All items are offered on a sliding-scale, donation basis.  Thank you for visiting! <3


This Community Supported Kitchen is a program of a *Cultural Engine*, which first took root in West Philadelphia in 2012.  This particular Central Vermont node of the CSK is being driven by Acorn (they/them) and Frances Rose (fae/femm/faer). We humbly give thanks to our many forebears (from this region & beyond) in the realms of local food movements, bulk buying clubs, food co-operatives, food shelves, and all others on whose shoulders we stand.

If you have questions or would like more information about us & this project, please visit ::  vermontCSK.mystrikingly.com  --  or contact us at vermontCSK@gmail.com or 732-306-8400.

*We honor & acknowledge the Abenaki peoples as the original & ongoing stewards of this land we now inhabit. 10% of all funds donated to the CSK are tithed to Abenaki groups. <3

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We help people connect with a passion for Life, by offering pathways to sustenance & vitality through food. (Before the pandemic --and hopefully again in the future!-- we also shared opportunities to *prepare*, and *enjoy* ethically-sourced, delicious food in growing community together.) Writ large, we plant the seeds of a more resilient world by sharing the knowledge, skills, and nourishment, required to prepare amazing food anywhere, while investing in local food systems that nourish deeply any place we call Home. <3 .

We ground our goods & services in the gift economy. We envision a world where everyone eats well, and feels connected to *Place* & to their most vital Self -- while growing ever more passionate about transforming human legacies on this planet. We offer the CSK because it a joy for us to do so -- and because we carry a sense of knowing that this kind of healing is essential, and needed. Meanwhile, supporting righteous food-ways carries a cost (that we gladly pay to support local, vital nourishment) and so, we offer our goods & services on a sliding-scale donation basis. We also remain fueled by gratitude, and creative exchanges of all kinds!

We share primarily foods of our own peoples & ancestries, to mitigate appropriative tendencies within food work arising from people who carry white privilege. Hence, you will primarily see here, foods of the Mediterranean, foods of Northern & Western Europe, and foods that bear no particular point of cultural origin besides our loving kitchen! We also take great care to source our ingredients as thoughtfully & ethically as possible.

More goals of the CSK are listed at the bottom of this form ... <3 ...
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Accessibilty note :: Our kitchen contains all the allergens.  While we take the utmost care, and strive to be able to serve almost any dietary need, we cannot guarantee that our food is free of all trace quantities of allergens.  If you have severe allergic responses, please reach out & we may still be able to help you eat better in your own kitchen. <3 .
Please tell us what food allergies - if any - or specific dietary needs with which you live.  Thank you. *
Are any of your food allergies *severe*? Which? *
Is there anything else you want to share with us about your allergies or other dietary needs?
The following menu items are offered on a sliding scale that starts at $0.  No One Turned Away for Lack of Funds!  Each item is wonderful on its own, and the hearty bean stew, broth, and brown rice together are the makings of multiple complete meals.

Fill your belly with a hearty & nourishing bean stew! It may be white beans, red beans, black beans, fava beans (Ful Medames), lentils, or split peas, depending on what we have in stock.  Please let us know if you have specific preferences and we will do our best to meet them!  These stews come thick, and can be stretched by adding water (plus a bit of salt!) - or bone or bean broth (see below).  They make a complete meal when paired with brown rice, bread, or your favorite grain.  

sliding scale :: $0 - 13 per quart

Our bone broths come from the long-simmered bones of pastured locally-sourced animals (most commonly beef, lamb or chicken). These broths are rich, smooth, delicious, and full of deep, deep nourishment for our bodies. Our broths are rich in collagen (structural protein found in connective tissues), making them solid at room temperature and great at helping bodies re-build themselves. They add depth & flavor to almost any savoury dish, can easily fortify leftover stews or soup, and of course can also be enjoyed by the steaming cup-full to fortify your constitution. This pint of bone broth is a great match for a hearty bean stew, as it's just enough to thin & stretch the thick stew.

Vegan or vegetarian? We are happy to offer a very simple & versatile bean broth instead! This is water that beans have cooked in. Bean broths are a nutritive alternative to water, so we often use them for thinning stews or as the liquid in a frittata or omelet.

sliding scale :: $0 - 5 per pint

Ful Medames ~ (one of our hearty bean stews!)
*HUMMUS* (v)
'Hummus' is a shared name offered to the chickpea (or garbanzo bean) in both the Arabic & Hebrew languages.  Hummus builds strong bodies and delights the senses.  Our Hummus subscription is an ode of devotion & gratitude to the chickpea -- and comes in many flavors & myriad guises -- from fae who LOVE the chickpea(!).

sliding scale :: $5 - $10  --  approx. 12 oz serving

A pungent condiment, Alli-Zinger is a rich & sumptuous blend of fresh garlic, ginger, and turmeric, pureed with olive oil & sea salt.  Drawing its name from the Allium plant genus that offers the world garlic, and the Zingiberaceae plant family that offers  ginger & turmeric, this powerful combination of immune-supporters adds brightness to anything with which it is paired.  Best kept raw for maximum immune support, but delicious always/all ways! It is delightful with/on ... toast, rice, noodles, soup, eggs, and more, and also makes a lovely base to a salad dressing (just add olive oil, vinegar, & favorite herbs/spices).

sliding scale :: $10 - $20 -- per 8 oz jar


Homemade mayonnaise is simply out of this world.  Made with high quality eggs, sunflower & olive oils, mustard, garlic, apple cider vinegar, and spices, our mayo will add a smooth & delicious tang to pretty much anything you're eating.

sliding scale :: $6 - 11 -- per half pint


An evolving & versatile blend of nutrient-dense seeds, dried fruit, carob, cacao, and more.  Just add water, or milk of your choice, and touch of maple or honey to sweeten as you like, and let sit overnight.  Taste for salt, sweetness, and consistency and adjust as needed (add more liquid if it's too thick). Enjoy in the morning or for an easy snack. Tip: kick it up by using an herbal infusion, tea, or coffee as the soaking liquid.

sliding scale :: $7 - 15 per 16 oz jar
# of servings :: 5 - 8

Za’atar is a spice blend of the Eastern Mediterranean.  Classically, it features sesame seeds, ground sumac, & a pungent green herb called za-atar.  In ours, we use the more locally-available thyme, and blend our organic sesame with sumac, sea salt & toasted, sprouted, organic sunflower seeds for added body & protein.  It's perfect with olive oil over bread, rice, or porridge -- or taken on its own.  Za'atar is a love language of its preparer. <3 .

sliding scale :: $4 - $10 -- per half pint

Made from organic, soaked-then-toasted sunflower seeds, assorted herbs & spices, and sea salt, this crumbly topping adds seriously savory notes anywhere you'd look to sprinkle or grate cheese.  It is designed to be the cheese when you need it to be, and to supplement dairy cheese if you want to add more plant proteins & bright flavors to your dishes.  A very good friend to pasta.

sliding scale :: $4 - $10  --  per half pint

An opening, aromatic, fresh blend of organic spices/seeds that includes coriander, fennel, chili flakes, caraway, dill, and pink Himalayan sea salt, & thyme.  It speaks of Home to its preparers.

sliding scale :: $3 - 7  --  per approx. 2 oz serving

This is our all-natural & organic version of the classic Lawry's seasoning salt blend.  It emerged from a collaboration with our friends at Tot's Hot Sauce, who were looking for that smoky, savory, umami something in their sauce.  It offers instant depth & zest to almost anything.  It deserves special mention as a spectacular popcorn topper.

sliding scale :: $4 - 8 per 4 oz

Zest, heat, savor.  Our all natural & organic Lemon Pepper is another one-stop seasoning blend to finish your eggs, soups, and sautées.  Nicely balanced, bright, and piquant.

sliding scale :: $4 - 8 per 4 oz

This is a magical blend of herbs of the Mediterranean :: hips of Rose, Rosemary, and Bay Laurel are combined & powdered into a sacred smudge to bless house, Home & body.  They are also fierce together in the kitchen, lending a magical signature to *much*.  
For best results as a smudge, sprinkle over hot metal (e.g. wood stove or skillet) rather than over charcoal or fire.

sliding scale :: $4 - 16 per 3 oz

(Rose)Mary Bay Blessing Blend!
This is a delicious olive oil-doused, spirulina-colored, nutritional yeast-enhanced, black pepper-spiked, truffle-scented, house-spiced eating extravaganza.

sliding scale :: $6 - $13  --  one gallon bag

*CUSTOM POPCORN* (vegan options available)
Almost everyone who has tasted Popcorn Extravaganza knows why it gets special billing on this menu.  And, frankly, most of our popcorn creations get rave reviews.  Wanna share with us your popcorn inspiration, or invite us to surprise you with a creation of our in-the-moment design?

sliding scale :: $6 - $13  --  one gallon bag

With the additions of red clover & dried pomegranate, these honey-sweetened energy bites are vehicles of deep, delicious nourishment for anyone!  

Additionally, for those exploring a path of herbal transition, these treats are naturally-rich with phyto-estrogens, and therefore can provide hormonal support & balance on that road.
*To learn more about herbal transition (MTF), see the zine Wild Transition -- A Trans Woman Way to Nourish Ourselves with Herbs & Magic by Josephine Parker (Voyager) at wildtransition.com/wild-transition

sliding scale :: $6 - 14 -- per 6 balls

This is a recipe that Acorn (accidentally!) created that has become a comforting & delightful staple in our refrigerator.  Simple and sublime, with opportunity to customize high notes, we melt cocoa powder into coconut oil, sweeten with maple, and then stud with a varying palette of bright flavors & textures -- rose water with mint is a favorite.  Other flavors include fig pistachio, nut butter (peanut, almond, cashew ...) & sea salt, cashew & raisin, orange blossom, and more. Feel free to make a request or let us surprise you.

sliding scale :: $6 - $13  --  per approx. 4 oz serving

*PASTELI* (... with Sesame or Pumpkin Seed options!)
Pasteli is an ancient Mediterranean confection, enjoyed for millennia.  It is energy rich, sweet & crunchy. Traditionally, it features an elemental pairing of honey & sesame seeds.  Not everyone can eat sesame seeds though, so we offer a pumpkin seed option as well.  We add a hint of lemon zest and a dash of sea salt to ours.  Pasteli is a Greek word, but the snack itself transcends borders.  Make sure to indicate your seed preference below!  Thank you <3

 sliding scale :: $7 - 15 -- per approximately 8 oz serving

Popcorn Extravaganza
Subscriptions - BREADS
A generous loaf of crusty sourdough bread, made from a mixture of beautiful sourdough cultures - harvested in our home, as well as those gifted to us by folks who have been stewarding cultures for decades.  Sourdough bread is pre-digested by the culture, and hence is often easier for bodies to assimilate & absorb -- and stays fresher longer.  This bread usually comes sliced and frozen to ensure maximum freshness (simply toast to serve), though fresh bread is possible if requested with sufficient notice.  Perfect for sandwiches or toast.

sliding scale :: $6 - 10 per loaf

A hearty and delicious loaf of sourdough bread, made with rice, millet, sorghum, garbanzo bean flours, and topped with a variety of seeds. This delightful, tasty vegan, gluten-free bread has consistently wow-ed skeptics with its yumminess and has transformed diets of those living gluten-free. This loaf usually comes sliced and frozen to ensure maximum freshness (simply toast to serve), though fresh bread is possible if requested with sufficient notice.

sliding scale :: $11 - 16 per loaf

A recent addition to the CSK menu, we have been loving the versatility of this amazing grain.  Made with our sorghum-specific sourdough starter, these breads are frozen fresh in our kitchen, and come to you sliced, unless otherwise requested.  Like all CSK breads, they refresh well in the toaster or turned once under the broiler.  We invite you to get to know sorghum bread!  They pair beautifully with soups, love butter too, and even can double gluten free pizza crusts.   
sliding scale :: $7 - 14
Sorghum Sourdough Focaccia - featuring olive oil, rosemary & sea salt
Whole Wheat Sourdough Bread
There is & will be natural variation across our batches of beans & broths.  This reflects our desire & practice to keep our approach to these dishes fresh - for ourselves, for you, as well as the cycle of the seasons.  All remain gluten-free. <3

A deep, bright, savory fava bean stew - (and the national breakfast of Egypt).  A quintessential stew of the Eastern Mediterranean, this vegan & gluten-free dish has nourished many peoples & civilizations for thousands of years.  While traditionally served with bread, and a hard-boiled egg, anyone may enjoy Ful on its own, or with any starch of choice.  This is a dish we hear often touted as the one that helps devout omnivores imagine themselves vegan.  

sliding scale :: $7 - 14 per quart

These slow-stewed cannellini beans are mindfully laced with caramelized onion, garlic, rosemary, sea salt, and other herbs & spices of the Mediterranean.  Serving suggestions include :: As a thick stew, with bread of choice, and a dipping bowl of olive oil & house spice (or simply salt & pepper); could be thinned with broth, and served with salad or roasted vegetables; alternately, could be used as a vegan, protein-rich pasta sauce a la 'pasta fagioli'.

sliding scale :: $6 - 13 per quart

*SPLIT PEA SOUP* (v) (also available in a bone broth base)
Celebrating the pottage traditions of Northern Europe, and the Celtic, North & Irish Sea Isles, our split pea soup is comfort on a cold or gray day -- warming, hearty, thick, and comforting.  Pairs beautifully with breads & butter.

sliding scale :: $6 - 13 per quart

A soft, savory, DELICIOUS quart of red beans.  These plus rice comprise a solid, vegan dinner.  Meanwhile, these plus any manner of beloved broth makes an amazing, hearty soup.  As mentioned, there will be natural variation across our batches of stewed beans, though these red beans will often carry hints of celery & chiles.

sliding scale :: $6 - 13 per quart

Smoky, rich, aromatic, delicious.  We wish to welcome you Home, to this 'between-the-worlds' presentation of this sacred crop of Turtle Island.  Like all of our stews, these black beans host a wealth of herbs, spices & aromatics.  Their bouquet often features that of toasted chiles, and caramelized onions.  When we eat & serve this stew, we try to pair it with corn and/or squash in honor of - and with thanks to - all the Life, and the amazing human cultures indigenous to this land.

sliding scale :: $6 - 13 per quart

So-called 'Boston Baked Beans' is a dish of the region -- and also of both Willow & Acorn's ancestors.  It was born of the Indigenous gifts of maple & beans, offered to settler cultures in 'New England' -- and evolved further through the centuries-long triangle trade that saw enslaved Africans bought & sold to produce molasses, rum, and wealth for New England trading ports, like Boston.  Hence, molasses & pork (another European import), for settlers, were logical modifications to the ancient recipe.  Here, we present a menu item that whispers between worlds -- a marriage of people, place, time & seasons.  We dial the exploitation economy back, and return to Pea Beans & Maple Syrup for the base.  Onions, sweet roots, the occasional hearty greens, and a mild blend of spices are what then rounds the dish into one that may just feel like Home yet.

'Dawnland' is one translation of N'Dakinna, the name given by the Abenaki people to their regional Home place -- this place.  
sliding scale :: $6 - 13 per quart

Lentil stew seems in a realm of its own -- maybe because lentils are just so unique & charming.  We stew soaked lentils with an aromatic blend of vegetables spices & herbs until they soften in the mouth.  So versatile as a stew, a soup, an omelette filling, a bread topping, and more!  Lovers of lentils over here. <3

sliding scale :: $6 - 13 per quart

*FALAFEL BATTER* (v) -- Ready-to-Fry (or Bake)
Recently, we were asked, 'What's helped you get through this year under lockdown/COVID-19?'  Falafel was on our list!  This delectable treat & comfort food has returned to our table so often, we decided to add it to the menu.  We love falafel enough though, that we know it's best when freshly cooked!  So, we offer this delightful blend of ground chickpeas, alliums, spices, and sesame seeds, raw & ready to be fried or baked.  And, if you need support in finding awesome frying oil at a reasonable price, ask us about our bulk buying facilitation & pantry consultations.

sliding scale :: $8-20 per quart (makes about 20 falafel balls/patties)

Our bone broths come from the long-simmered bones of pastured, locally-raised animals (most commonly beef, lamb or chicken). These broths are rich, smooth, delicious, and full of deep, deep nourishment for our bodies. Our broths are rich in collagen (structural protein found in connective tissues), making them solid at room temperature and great at helping bodies re-build themselves. They add depth & flavor to almost any savoury dish, can easily fortify leftover stews or soup, and of course can also be enjoyed by the steaming cup-full to fortify your constitution. (If desired, anyone may add fortifying herbs specific to their constitution's needs to the broth in the reheating.)

sliding scale :: $4 - $10 per quart

Bone Broth!
***All herbal medicine sliding scales start at $0 for people who self-identify as Black, Indigenous, and/or People of Color.***
** We also gratefully welcome back used dropper/medicine bottles**

MEDICINE DISCLAIMER :: The medicines & properties listed here have not been officially evaluated by anyone and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease.  All information provided is for informational purposes only and is not intended as a substitute for advice from your physician, clinical herbalist, or other health care professional.  Please do not use the information on this page for diagnosis or treatment of any health problem.  Always consult with a healthcare professional before starting any new vitamins, supplements, diet, or exercise program, before taking any medication, if you are pregnant or nursing, or if you have or suspect you might have a health problem.

This fiery concoction is a blend of medicinal plants (e.g. hot peppers, onions, turmeric, ginger, rosemary, hardy citrus, & more) steeped in apple cider vinegar. You receive the strained vinegar, which is filled with the medicinal properties & delicious flavors of the plants. Take a dropper-full or three to boost the immune system, wake up the senses, and kick the cold.

sliding scale :: $3 - 12 per 2 oz dropper bottle
*This is the exact same item as described in the No One Turned Away section, just listed here again for easy reference

This refreshing medicine, made with purified water & essential oils of rosemary & lavender, can be used as a room or body spray, to promote focus & clarity. The anti-microbial properties of the rosemary also make this a wonderful natural hand cleanser.  COVID note :: to make this anti-viral, YOU MUST ADD ISOPROPYL ALCOHOL so that total proportion of alcohol content is around 70% -- remember also to account for the water content in whatever percentage of alcohol you are using.

sliding scale :: $5 - 10 per 2 oz dropper bottle

Fire Cider (before straining)!
To which of these CSK offerings would you like to subscribe?
NOTE:  The prices listed below are unit prices, though as per the Community Supported model, we request that you pay up front for three of each item you subscribe to (more information below under "Your Investment"). You can choose to pick up each item on a WEEKLY, BI-WEEKLY (every other week), or UPON REQUEST basis (meaning you tell us when you're ready for that item and we schedule pick ups as needed). You may also choose ONE-TIME if you wish to only do one pick up of an item. N.O.T.A.F.L.O.F. stands for "No One Turned Away for Lack of Funds," meaning that the sliding scale starts at $0.
Upon Request
*(N.O.T.A.F.L.O.F.) BEAN STEW* :: $0 - 13
*(N.O.T.A.F.L.O.F.) BONE BROTH - PINT* :: $0 - 5
*(N.O.T.A.F.L.O.F.) BEAN BROTH* :: $0 - 5
*HUMMUS* $5 - 10
*ALLI-ZINGER PASTE* :: $10 - 20
*ROSE CEREAL* $7 - 15
*ZA'ATAR SUNFLOWER * :: $4 - 10
*HOUSE SPICE* :: $3 - 7
*PASTELI* $7 - 15
*FUL MEDAMES* $7 - 14
*SPLIT PEA SOUP* $6 - 13
*LENTIL STEW* $6 - 13
*FIRE CIDER* $3 - 12
Clear selection
NOTES :: Please note here any relevant item clarifications or flavor requests for your order (e.g. custom quantities, fresh vs frozen bread, preferred bean stew, self-ID as BIPOC for access to $0 herbal medicines, etc., etc.)
If you selected WEEKLY, BI-WEEKLY, or UPON REQUEST ::

* You are subscribing to three of each item! *
You will be able to view your pick-ups & donation details in a shared spreadsheet (example pictured below). Your donation may be cash, check (made out to Angie Swiggum), Venmo (@Angie-Swiggum), CashApp ($wildRoseAcorn) or PayPal to angie.swiggum@gmail.com (please *do not* select that you're paying for goods or services).

For example, if you have subscribed to weekly pick-ups of sourdough bread (unit price: $5-9), your total donation for that item will be $15-27.

At your first pick up, you receive one of each item to which you’ve subscribed (unless you tell us otherwise!). You then receive one more of each item weekly, bi-weekly, or upon request (whichever you selected for each item). We offer this because we recognize that some items get used up faster than others. Once you’ve picked up three of an item, we’ll let you know it’s time to re-subscribe (i.e. donate for three more of that item if you wish to continue receiving it).

***If you selected ONE-TIME ::

You will pay for and pick up one of each item for which you selected "One-Time", once. If you love the items and are financially able to subscribe to rounds of three pick-ups in the future, please do! If you want to keep trying single pick-ups of items and/or single orders are better for your life & money flows, then you are welcome to order in this way.


Please get in touch if this donation structure doesn't work for you, and we'll do our best to figure out how to support you in accessing awesome food in a way that fits with your money & food flows. We are open to bartering - feel free to make a proposal!  Please note also the 'No One Turned Away' section of the menu at the top, with sliding-scale prices starting at $0, and that all herbal medicines start at $0 for people who self-identify as Black, Indigenous, and/or People of Color.

What it looks like to subscribe to the CSK: An example spreadsheet
We provide all the containers for your subscription items, including plastic take out containers, glass jars, & medicine dropper bottles. Please consider adding an optional additional donation to your order to help us cover the cost of containers (suggested donation $0-10).  Please, if possible, return your empty containers to us to reuse. Your dedication to returning containers helps us keep prices affordable and is better for the planet. Thank you!

I would like to add the following amount to my donation to help cover the cost of containers (suggested $0-10) : *
Currently, our only pick-up location is in Randolph, Vermont (you will receive the exact address from us after your order is placed).  We have the possibility of a pick-up location in Montpelier, if we learn that there are enough subscribers interested in picking up there.

In the end, you are responsible to take your food & medicine Home promptly.  Depending on the situation (perishability of the food, fullness of our refrigerator, etc.), we may have to give away or otherwise use items that are not picked up at the arranged time & place.

We recognize that we can reach more people through adding additional pick up locations! The process of creating additional pick-up points includes suggesting receptive locations, and showing that at least three people will use it to pick up their items -- also that the location is able to hold subscriptions in cold storage (for those items that need it) until they are picked up.  Making your home or business a pick up location is a great way to get CSK items delivered straight to your door!!

Where would you most like to pick up your food? *
We will reach out to all subscribers individually, to solidify details.  That said...
Do you have any thoughts, comments, questions, conflicts or feedback which you'd care to share with the Community Supported Kitchen?
Missing something? Propose new CSK subscription items here ::
● We connect people with a passion for Life through delicious, ethically-sourced food experiences.

● We work in the realms of food & culture toward the liberation of all beings.

● We uplift the inherent sacredness of food, of eating together, and the living web of connected cultural food-ways the world over.

● We bridge & (re)weave food-based wisdom-traditions, by helping to promote & share vital, contemporary food-ways.  In doing so, we hope to illuminate & fuel collective paths forward, through the compounding crises of eco-social collapse & late-stage capitalism

● We share common forms of connection through food, to address the trauma & pain of separation so commonly felt in the modern world.

● We help many people to experience tastes of Home -- wherever it is, or was -- and even if it felt like it never was.

● We encourage & hold space for conversations about the connections between food, identity, justice, and resilience.

● We illuminate pathways for anyone to connect with personally- and/or ancestrally-significant food-ways in manners that are mindful of the nuances of ethical sourcing practices in current local & global contexts.

● We help folks to remove perceived obstacles around their diets, and to grow the vitality of their personal food-ways, offering wisdom & knowledge rooted in our own diverse home food practices.

● We support people in connecting to foods that are nourishing, safe, healthful, & digestible for their bodies, endeavoring to cook for any dietary need/choice/allergy.

● We leverage privilege to collective advantage.

● We make our offerings financially accessible and cultivate regenerative economies.

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