Constellation 2018: Leadership Application
Interested in helping out with the leadership of Constellation? HOORAY!!!!

Thank you for expressing your interest in being one of the amazing people who will help make our second annual Constellation truly spectacular!

Most of our leadership positions are full at this time, but we’re always interested in hearing from people who want to help out in the future. If you do want to help out this year, please 1) email our event producers at, and 2)  fill out this form. 

UPDATE - August 13th - At this time, the key position we're looking to fill is Guardian Lead. This awesome role is pretty much a nighttime Gate, but without ticketing responsibilities.


Producer/Co-Producers --> Sphere Leads --> Department Coordinators

Co-Producers work with the community in a collaborative manner to produce an event that follows the 10 principles of Burning Man. They lead a team of multiple departments and department coordinators divided into what we call “SPHERES”.

Spheres are designed to help organize tasks and streamline communications between departments and department coordinators. Each sphere will ideally have 2 to 3 co-leads with the hope that one co-lead has experience in at least being a department coordinator for Constellation, PDF or other regional burns and the other co-lead is new and excited to help with their fresh ideas.

In each sphere will be multiple departments each with one or more department coordinators. These are departments such as Gate, Parking, Greeting, Volunteer, Theme Camps and many more!

Do you the community have ideas for how you’d like to shape Constellation? We invite you to get involved!

For more information, on the responsibilities and skill sets of the event producer, sphere lead or department coordinator positions, please read the ROLES AND RESPONSIBILITY DOCUMENT at

If you are interested in joining the Constellation planning and leadership team, please complete this form and let us know how you are interested in participating. After you submit this form, someone from the Constellation recruitment team will be in touch with you to discuss next steps.


--> SPHERE: Arts & Community
** Art Curation : Art Grants, Burning Arts, Art Car Registration
** Volunteer Recruitment, Management and Appreciation
** Greeting
** Sound
** Stage
** Theme Camps and Placement (City Planning)

--> SPHERE: Communications
** Website
** Newsletter
** WWW
** Survival Guide
** Media
** Acculturation Signage

--> SPHERE: Operations and Logistics
** Department of Public Works (DPW)
** Mutant Vehicle Registration (DMV)
** Leave No Trace
** Storage and Transport
** Inventory
** Essential signage
** Site Maintenance
** Gate and Entry
** Guardians
** Ticketing
** Parking
** Traffic
** Ice

--> SPHERE: Safety
** Fire Safety
** Fire Perimeter
** Fire Conclave
** First Aid
** Rangers
** Sanctuary
** Security

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