Photographer Application
All professional photographers requesting sideline access during a sporting event (including sub-varsity & middle school athletic events) must submit this application.
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I understand that I must complete a background check on the Mansfield ISD website. *
I understand that if I plan to post or sell any photographs from varsity football contest that I must pay the stadium access fee. *
I agree to follow these guidelines: Sideline Etiquette NOTE: Flagrant violators of sideline etiquette will be removed from the field. Stay behind the line or a minimum of three feet away from the playing field or court. Stay out of referee's paths. Do not enter the team boxes. This is generally the areas between the 25 or 30 yard lines. It is clearly marked with box lines. Do not interact with the student athletes or any other students on the sideline. Never use a tripod while working the sidelines. Monopods are recommended for large lenses. Be aware of cables from video/TV cameras, especially the sideline remote videographers. Never stand directly behind a kneeling or standing photographer. If he/she has to move suddenly to avoid getting hit by players, you will impair their movement. Be courteous and polite. *
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