Kinsey Machos, LLC - Marketing Coordinator Position
Do you remember the last time that you woke up, jumped out of bed, and were excited to go to... work? If this sounds like a fantasy or a far distant memory, keeping reading.

Our team is focused on taking great strides and thinking outside the box. We are making major waves in the world of female-run online entrepreneurship and the ripple effect is life-changing around the globe. If you find yourself excited by our values and mission and if you feel in alignment with the tasks and responsibilities of this role, then this job may be your dream job!

We thrive in collaborative, high-powered work environment that is creative and fun. If you're looking for a position that pushes you creatively, inspires and challenges you, get excited!

Please complete the form below to be considered as a key player on the Kinsey Machos Team with your MARKETING COORDINATOR skills.

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