Flower Mound High School PTSA Life Member and Extended Service Award Nominations

Who would you like to nominate for these very special awards from Texas PTA? A favorite teacher or administrator? A coach, scout leader, or youth mentor? You may make as many nominations as you like. Please fill out this form for each new nomination.

Since 1909, the Texas PTA has made available the Texas PTA Honorary Life Membership as one of the highest honors presented to individuals for outstanding service to children and youth. The recipient does not have to be a PTA member nor must the service for which the honor has been bestowed be connected with the PTA. The only requirement for receiving a Texas PTA Honorary Life Membership is that the recipient is making or has made a worthwhile contribution to the well-being of children and youth.

In 1987, the Texas PTA Board of Directors developed the criteria for awarding a Texas PTA Extended Service Award to those people who have continued to give outstanding service to Texas PTA. The recipient must have been actively involved in the Texas PTA for 10 years and be a Texas PTA Honorary Life Member.

Nominations will be reviewed by a committee and winners will be announced in February.
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