Pass On It Anti-Tobacco and Vaping Blog and Video Submission Form (an SBFC sister project for youth)
There is no entry free -- It is 100% free to share your reasons to say, "I'll pass" when it comes to vaping and tobacco. If you choose, your entry will be considered for publication on the Pass On It Facebook page and the South Bay Families Connected Teen Blog. And if you are a teen at one of the partner schools listed in the "School" section below, you may choose to enter our current contest and win a certificate and a cash prize, either awarded anonymously by the SBFC team, or publicly at a school awards ceremony. Just check the appropriate box and let us know which you prefer.

Thank you for participating and for sharing your voice with others! Know that if you are a teen who chooses to say "I'll pass" to the things that hold you back, like drugs and alcohol, you are in good company. Also, know that this is not a pledge. The project is open to all and it is NOT hypocritical for anyone who is currently using to share their reasons to try to pass in the future.

FYI, our next two contests will focus on, 1) stress (what stresses you out and how do you cope), and 2) binge drinking (learn the facts and share your top 5 reasons to pass). Please check back for those details!

Each applicant can submit both a video and a blog, but they can only win the contest in one category.
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May we enter you in our contest for a chance to win $50? (Please note: only students from partner schools MCHS, RUHS, MBMS, PVHS, and RHP can be awarded a prize. But all schools are welcome to become SBFC partners) *
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For the video category, please either tell us your top five reasons to say "I'll pass" to Tobacco and vaping, or show us HOW you say "I'll pass" in a pressure situation.

Your video should be no longer than 3 minutes.

Your video should be scripted, but you can submit a video in any format, such as live action, stop motion, or animation.

You MAY NOT submit any content where anyone gets hurt, either emotionally or physically.

Upload your video to YouTube, and e-mail an UNLISTED YouTube link. Copy and paste that link into the space below.

YouTube or Vimeo link for your video submission:
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In a written blog format, share your top 5 reasons to say "I'll pass" to tobacco and vaping. Please make at least two of your reasons fact based using the SBFC fact resource page.

Each reason can be between 1-5 sentences. (For bonus points, cite your sources!)

Copy and paste your entry here for your blog submission (note: please keep a copy for your own records in case their is a glitch in the submission):
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