Ministry Options Survey
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Our congregation lacks a common shared vision for the future. Seven leaders on the church council were asked to write down their vision of St. John in 10 years without discussing first. Here is some of what we said:

“...energetic, active congregation... in our community...”
“...located in our current facility, have improved our outreach efforts in our neighborhood…”
“...sold our property/facility, merged with Divinity, and relocated in an area that is growing…”
“...congregation focused on outreach on the east side... located in a facility (not this one) that allows us to better allocate our time and money to kingdom work…”
“...grown closer as a congregation ... without our current facility because we sold our building and we’re working with our sister churches to reach the unchurched…”
“ this community and bring God’s Word to residents via increased programming geared toward the diverse population...”
“...relocated and merged with another WELS congregation making the new congregation an exciting, happy place to be...”

If our leaders do not share a common vision for the future,
our congregation certainly cannot either
By evaluating and discussing ministry options,

we are working towards a consensus

on the best option to grow God’s Kingdom.
Guiding Principle:
We evaluate ministry options based on what is best for God’s Kingdom. As Christians, we strive to make decisions in a way that:

1) Preserves congregational harmony (...we are one body in Christ...Romans 12:5)

2) Best uses God’s gifts to advance His Kingdom (Parable of the Talents, Matthew 25:14-30)

3) Reflects His abundant blessings on us ( whom much is given, much will be expected… Luke 12:48b)

4) Shows our trust in Him (seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well… Matthew 6:25-34)
Read the pros and cons collected during the listening session for each of the options.

Read carefully and prayerfully consider the pros and cons would benefit or hinder our ability to grow God's Kingdom.

At the end, rank each of the options from best to worst for advancing God's Kingdom.
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