NYCNoWC Member Driven Programming Application Form
Do you have an idea for a workshop for NYC area worker cooperatives? Do you want to organize a workshop, gathering or other program for NYC worker cooperatives? The NYC Network of Worker Cooperatives (NYCNoWC) is accepting applications for programming from August 2019 - June of 2020. Please be sure to read the full description of the program before completing the application. You can find it here: Applications can be submitted in English or Spanish.

Please submit a plan with realistic goals for you, the planning team and the attendees!

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What cooperative are you a member of? *
Please provide a short description of the organizing team for this program. Please include all the names and cooperatives of each member of the organizing team. *
What type of program is this? (Note: Is there a program that you want to happen, but would need to be facilitated by an outside facilitator? Contact NYCNoWC staff to see if it makes to apply through this process or as a staff driven program.) *
Please provide a short description of the purpose and goals of the program. (example: The purpose of this program is to increase the success rate for coops in the food industry. The goal of this workshop is to learn how to do good customer service for coops in the food industry). *
Please provide a tentative title for this program. (example: Customer Service for Food Coops) *
Is this a one time event or an ongoing series? *
If this is a one time event, how many hours do you expect it to be? What month, day of the week and time of day do you hope to plan it for? (example: I hope this will be three hour weekday evening workshop in May). Please note: All programs must be during the evening or weekend. *
If this is an ongoing series, how many events do you hope to have and how many hours do you expect each one to be? What month, day of the week and time of day do you hope to plan each for? *
Please provide a brief overview of the program. Please provide an explanation of what you intend to happen during the event. If this is an ongoing series, please provide a description and goals for each event in the series. (Example: We will review different things to consider when pricing food, how to communicate with customers and things to make sure you do day of catering job. The program will be a mix of powerpoint presentations and interactive activities). *
Who is your intended audience? Please provide a detailed explanation. (example: this program is intended for all coops in the food industry) *
How many participants do you hope to have at each event? *
What are you hoping to learn through the experience of organizing this program? *
Please send a workplan and budget for the program or attach it here. You can find a sample here:
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