Creative Project Turn-in
This form will be used to describe the inspiration and creativity behind you project. This is to be turned in when you submit your final project. No matter how you turn in the project, please still fill out this form. This form only needs to be filled out once per group.
Name(s): List all students that worked on this project. *
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What did you create? *
This is what the project actually is. (I.e. Photograph(s), movie, painting, written story, original music, etc.)
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What piece of music inspired your creation? *
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Explain your inspiration. *
What about the music inspired you? Why did you pick this piece? Why did you create what you did? Use complete sentences to explain.
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How are you turning in your project? *
If you are presenting you project to the class, what materials will you need to assist you?
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Do you want your project to be public? *
By clicking "Yes", you agree to have your project presented to your classmates, parents, other staff, and/or various other community members. Your project could even be presented at the Kastner Concert on March 7th.
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