Edmonton Aurors Quidditch Club (EAQC) - Reimbursement Form
Please read the following carefully:

(1) Purchases must be approved beforehand and communicated to the EAQC Treasurer;
(2) The Treasurer has the right to reject reimbursements for purchases that don't obey (1), or are considered unnecessary or frivolous;
(3) Reimbursements must be submitted within 30 days of purchase;
(4) The Treasurer will not approve reimbursement without proper receipts or documentation;
(5) If only select items on a receipt are for reimbursement, HIGHLIGHT those specific items;
(6) Keep the receipt for your own reference until you receive your reimbursement;
(7) Submit forms based on the date of purchase. For example, if you made purchases over 2 days, submit a separate form for Day 1 and Day 2; and
(8) Scan or take a CLEAR photo of your receipt and send it to edmontonaurors@gmail.com.

If the conditions and/or following steps aren't adhered to, your reimbursement request will be rejected and you will be notified.

Who are you? (First and Last Name) *
The cheque will be addressed to you.
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What is your email address? *
We will notify you once the cheque is ready.
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When was your expense purchased? (Date on the receipt.) *
Please see condition (7) above.
What is the reason for this purchase? *
Why did you buy this/these item(s)?
What is the purchase total? (Follow the format below.) *
Date of purchase, store, total with taxes.
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Did you email edmontonaurors@gmail.com your receipt? *
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Comments? Concerns? Questions?
For example: do you want this cheque payable to someone other than yourself?
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Thank you for your submission.
Please allow up to 14 days for your cheque to be prepared.

We will email you once it is ready.

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