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General Information
Below is some general information. If you have a question that is not answered here, please feel free to submit our quick inquiry form!
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Sizes / pricing
Regular Sandwiches:
$6 each - about 4 oz - for events, we usually recommend 1 per person plus a few extra

Mini Sandwiches:
$3 each - about 1.6 oz - for events, we usually recommend 1-1.5 minis per person if there are other desserts, or 1.5-2 per person if it's only ice cream sandwiches!
Delivery fees
For standard ice cream sandwiches, the delivery fee in Manhattan below 96th St is $13. Delivery to Brooklyn is $25. For Party Pack deliveries, there is tax on the delivery fee.

For shipping, please inquire below. Where available, shipping starts at $70 plus tax.
How will my sandwiches arrive?
Our ice cream sandwiches will arrive to you frozen and ready to eat. They are delivered in insulated bags, and will hold satisfactorily after delivery for 15 to 20 minutes. If you don't need them right away, simply pop the whole bag in the freezer until needed! (Pro tip: open the delivery bag so fresh, cold air can get in!)
The minimum for our local delivery area is $60. The minimum for cart events is 100 regulars or 200 minis.
Coolers and Dry Ice
Coolers + Dry Ice are available, with advance notice, for an additional charge of $70 plus tax per cooler. This is usually only necessary when you need to hold the sandwiches for an extended period and have no freezer in which to store them. Each cooler holds 50 regular-size sandwiches or 100 minis.
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