This questionnaire is designed to help the breeder create the best match for each individual puppy with its most appropriate home and family situation and farm and livestock situation. Prospective owner resources, needs, and desires will be taken into consideration, as well as the temperament, personality, structure, behavior, and working instincts and abilities of each puppy.

Amatus Acres takes great pride in our Anatolian Shepherd Dogs. These dogs are a part of the family and integral to our farm. We take the utmost care in placing our puppies with only the best and most appropriate homes. When you purchase an Amatus Anatolian, you become part of the farm family. I keep track of every puppy and the homes they've gone to. Puppy homes and farms are not chosen hastily.

We know there are many farms out there that our Anatolians would be perfect for and we want to share our wonderful dogs with you. At the same time, after years of experience we also know that there are many homes that would not be suitable for our puppies. I like to think that our dogs are perfect for just about any home, but the Anatolian Shepherd Dog is a unique breed with unique requirements that must be understood and met.

I am very happy to educate potential puppy owners, but ultimately if prospective owners do not have the willingness to research thoroughly, to be taught and to learn, then I will not place a puppy with you. Every breeder is constantly learning and improving their program and it is no different for any other dog owner!

If you are not willing to keep in contact with me, please do not fill out this form. Please be thorough and complete in your answers. If your answers are not thorough and complete, your application will be denied.

If you are applying for a pet home, please be VERY thorough as there are usually very few puppies suitable per litter to go to a pet home.
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