CRN Member Survey 2018
Greetings! In an effort to provide value to the Cultural Research Network (CRN) membership, the CRN Steering Committee is conducting an updated member survey. Your responses will assist in creating programming that benefits CRN members and guide CRN Steering Committee planning. A portion of the survey response will be used to update a CRN member contact database. Respondents will be able to opt in as publicly listed CRN members. Even if you responded to the 2016 member survey, we ask that you respond to all questions in this updated survey. Contact information will be updated and de-duplicated.

We appreciate your responses and your continued input as members of the Cultural Research Network!

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Is your research specific to a particular discipline?
If you have conducted research specific to one particular artistic discipline, what discipline? Check all that apply.
Would you like to be connected with research affinity groups based on your selected interests/work areas?
How useful are the following aspects of current CRN work?
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Virtual Study Groups
Research sharing
CRN Listserv
Meetups at conferences
Do you have suggestions for improving any of the current CRN activities?
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What is the biggest challenge that you face in your work as a cultural researcher or practitioner?
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The following are potential activities being considered by the CRN Steering Committee. How likely are you to participate in the following activities?
Not likely
Somewhat likely
Very likely
Not Applicable/Unknown
A set of special interest groups, organized around research interests, discipline, and/or communities of practice, through which collaboration and resource-sharing could occur
Monthly emails that would include links to current cultural research, organized around topics of interest to the membership
Opportunities to develop and lead your own Virtual Study Groups
More interactive Virtual Study Groups, where the audience is expected to participate actively in the session
A way to communicate with fellow CRN members other than through the listserv (e.g., a Slack channel or other platform)
In what languages can you communicate?
Do you have suggestions for new CRN activities?
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Do you want to be listed in the CRN directory on the CRN website? *
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