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The concept is simple.  As a property buyer you can upload your requirements so sellers can simply get in contact with you directly to discuss the property they are selling and hopefully deal directly with you (helping save the seller money on agents fees which could help you get a lower price)!


Simply input your requirements, e.g. if you're looking for a 3 bed detached house with a garage in BH23 5, then input as much information as you can.  A seller can then see that you're looking in their area and deal directly with you.

If you have various postcodes you are searching, then you'll simply input each one into a separate form.  Avoid inputting more than 1 postcode into the form as it may not display correctly.  If you don't know the postcode of the area you're searching in, you can get a postcode on the Royal Mail site at 
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Legal bit. Only share information you are willing to be in the public domain and be accurate.  We do not check or otherwise verify the information you upload so YOU are responsble for it's accuracy.  By using this form you are happy to share your details and as such we have no control of who may contact you.  You use this system and our website at your own risk.

We reserve the right to use or otherwise the information uploaded onto this form and/or our website for any purpose and may also, at our total discretion, remove or delete information uploaded at any time without further reference to you.  In any event, we will regularly purge and delete information after a period of our choosing to reduce data usage on our site.
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