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This is the official entry form for Showdown - the Auckland secondary school production competition.
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Only authorised school staff members may complete this form. Please indicate what role you have within your school.
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Where will this production be performed? Please give as full an address as possible.
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Does your show have a single cast (one person playing each role)? Do you have two people playing the same role for different performances? If you have double cast some roles, you have two options: 1) Judges can each attend once, as normal, and whichever cast they see is the one they judge, OR 2) You could prefer each judge to attend twice so that they can see both casts. Please note: an entry fee of $100 applies to shows requiring judges to attend multiple times. Please note in the next section which casts are performing on which dates. Judges are unable to attend productions more than twice to see alternate casts.
Other performance information
Is there anything else our judges should know about your production? For example, no Wednesday performance, season may be extended, which dates different casts will perform...
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Who can we send confirmation and the invoice to, contact if we have questions, arrange judges' tickets through and to notify when nominations are published?
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Showdown nominees must not have received payment for their work in the production unless they are a staff member of the school. A 'staff member' is defined as anyone whose main role at the school is something other than working on school productions. To be fair to all schools entering, roles filled by professionals are ineligible to win awards. Please indicate below if the person filling the role is unpaid or staff, professional or unknown at this point.
Not Applicable
Costume Designer
Properties Co-ordinator
Set Designer
Lighting Designer
Sound Designer
Musical Director
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It is essential to read and accept the Terms and Conditions for entry into Showdown 2020.
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