Implant Complications
PIP Action Campaign is a small, international, social networking group of women who have been exposed to banned PIP implants. We are collecting information about complications experienced by women with breast implants in general to compare the similarities and any differences. Your responses are anonymous we have only asked you to state where you are in the world so we know which reporting area you are in. All women with implants are welcome to take part regardless of whether they have had PIP or another brand. Please complete one form for each brand of implant you have had.

The list of known complications associated with breast implants we have used for this survey is largely compiled using details from the USA's Food & Drug Administration's webpage.

At the end of the survey you will find details of a Facebook page which lists national reporting authorities, to formally report adverse events associated with your implants. Please do report your concerns. It's the only way the authorities can be notified of and record your experiences of implants.

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