Group Member Organization (GM) Membership Form

Group Membership in the Confederation For Working Equitation is limited to associations, organizations, clubs and groups that are interested in promoting and developing the sport of working equitation. GMs must submit membership roster prior to December 31st of each year. Only members submitted on those rosters are eligible for competitions recognized by the Confederation. Rosters may be updated throughout the competition year.

GM benefits:
One voting representative as named below. (an individual may only represent one GM).
GM members are eligible for all competitions recognized by the Confederation.
GM members are eligible to apply for national teams.
GM events will be added to the Confederation calendar, included newsletters and added to Facebook pages for the Confederation.
GMs will be advertised on the Confederation website.
GMs are eligible for show licensing discounts.
Backlinks to GMs website.
Eligible for Confederation for Working Equitation sponsor benefits.
Use of Confederation logos.
End of year GM ranking awards.

Any organization accepting membership into the Confederation For Working Equitation shall be deemed to have given its consent to and acceptance of all provisions of the Confederation For Working Equitation rules and bylaws.

Membership year is December 1st to November 30th.

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