an Agile Digital Enterprise approach
Agile Digital Enterprise is a coherent framework for rapid crossover delivery of actionable minimal state-of-the-art solutions.

Communication and time constraints provide constructive co-creation: minimum viable solutions come in one iteration measured in weeks.

Opportunities emerge from self-organizing operations and support caring for customers.

Improvement is measured from one release to the next. Releases are necessarily early, often and involve fast client feedback.

Agile Digital Enterprise creation is microcosmic of state-of-the-art emergent innovation.

This free white paper will introduce you to this new framework:

explain how to approach digital developments
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An Agile Digital Enterprise Approach
About the Author
Pierre E. NEIS - Senior Agile Coach & ConsultantPierre is an experienced Agile and Organisational Development Coach working since more than 15 years in complex systems and innovation driven projects.
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