Concourse - Survey of the Community
Hello Concourse Pilots,

Concourse has grown a lot in the last few years! As Concourse continues to grow, feedback becomes increasingly important. A minute of your time will help us learn who is a part of our Community, so that we can better address the issues that you face.

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Concourse has gotten so big, we'd love to know who is using Concourse!
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What line of business are you in?
We want to know the variety of fields that are utilizing Concourse
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What do you/your company use Concourse for? *
Answers that are specific and detailed are preferred. For instance: are you doing CI/CD on Java Spring apps? Are you using it as an automation tool for deploying infrastructure? etc.
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How long have you been using Concourse?
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What version of Concourse are you using?
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Where did you find out about Concourse?
We'd love to know where you found us, so we can better reach out to the community!
Where do you go for help when you have questions/issues with your Concourse?
We want to make it easier to troubleshoot the issues our pilots encounter
How do you deploy Concourse?
How many users are on your Concourse?
How many teams are on your Concourse?
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Approximately how many pipelines are on your Concourse?
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Approximately how many workers are on your Concourse?
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What is your number 1 issue operating Concourse?
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Would you be interested in being contacted for further research?
Improvements in Concourse rely on conversations with people like you. If you want to directly impact Concourse, we welcome your participation, a small incentive will be provided for your time.
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