Hanefesh Spring 2017 Co-Chair Application
Hey Seniors and Juniors!
What time is it? Time to pick Spring Convention Chairs! As we begin to approach the end of the school year and Spring Convention, it is time to select the 2017 Spring Convention Co-Chairs! Below you will find the application to chair Spring Convention 2017! Please take the time to fill this out thoroughly. Please keep in mind that two applicants will be chosen to chair together!
1. You must have attended at least one USY Convention.
2. You MUST be available to participate actively in Skype conference calls (at least once a week) and in-person meetings (1-3 times a month).
3. You must be capable of working with a team consisting of your fellow Chair(s), the Regional Board, and the Regional Staff.
4. You must be able to speak confidently about the benefits of USY and the convention. This is an integral part of Chairing any convention, but even more so for Spring Convention. Without attending members, we don't have a convention. You need to be able to talk on the phone with a parent or a teen and push for our event confidently while being well informed to answer any questions they may have.
5. Lastly, it is essential to be diligent and responsible in meeting program deadlines, responding to the team you're working with, and of course, putting forth the most genuine effort to make Spring Convention the best weekend ever.

With these five specifications met, you will make a spectacular Chair. Keep these five elements in mind when you are filling out this application.

To recap: By filling out this application you agree that you MUST be able to attend Spring Convention , May 12 - 14. You also must be around for most weekends and some week days (after school) from March - May to help plan Spring Convention. Chairing Spring Convention takes time and work, and you must be able to attend Skype and in person meetings with the Hanefesh REB/NERUSY REB. You also must be consistent with deadlines, checking emails/texts, and working with the REB. Being a Spring Convention chair is also SO MUCH FUN! It is a blast and an incredibly rewarding experience, so we encourage everybody to consider applying. We can't wait to work with you.

*APPLICATIONS ARE DUE February 21st BY 7:00PM!!!*

If you have any questions, contact Jacob at president@hanefesh.org
Jacob Adam Silverstein
Hanefesh Regional President
2016 - 2017

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