Furskits Friday is an opportunity for furries to show off their cute and adorable suits in a fun and creative way while continuing to be safe with social distancing! Every final Friday of the month, we will showcase all submissions in a discord call! Each Showcase will contain a theme for creators to interpret!


1. Your skit must be at most PG-13
This is a family friendly event and we want to showcase skits that are viewable for everyone!

- Any submissions that seem NSFW will not be included within the Showcase, and the submissioner will receive a warning.

* If you violate a second time, you will not be allowed to submit for the next two showcases.

* If you have a third offense, future submissions will be ignored.

2. Skits can be up to 1:30.

If your submission does not meet the time requirements, do not worry! Depending on the length of the submission, we will discuss whether to still put your submission in.

3. You can have two submissions at most per Showcase!

4. Each submission must be uploaded to Youtube.

-It's up to you if you would like to upload your submission(s) publicly or as unlisted.

5. The deadline for sending in your submission(s) will be 24 hours before the showcase.

If you have any questions about Furskits Friday, please private message Jason Blade on Telegram (@XenosBlade), Twitter (@JXBReviews) and/or on Discord (Jason Blade#4009).
If you understand the guidelines, please select "I understand" below. *
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