Opportunity to be a part of Sajeeva Vahini's - Infinite Network
Serving is where our faith meets action. We currently host to a number of ministry teams and special events that will allow you to use your spiritual gifts, pursue your passion for various causes, and join others in impacting our city and world. The primary way to get involved in ongoing service at Sajeeva Vahini's Infinite Network is to join one of our ministry teams.

We are looking for young enthusiasts, who are interested into ministry. we can consider you and provide an opportunity based on your strengths and interests.
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Are you Born Again and Baptized (Immerse Water Baptism) and you Believe in the following doctrinal statement

" We believe in the Word of God, the Bible. To be inspired as the only infallible and authoritative. We believe in the eternal existence of one Supreme Sovereign God and the Son Jesus Christ through whom we declare the salvation we received in the power of the Holy Spirit "

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