2019 Event #9-One Man Scramble
Sunday 9/08/19 9:00 am (tee times) Ives Grove (Sturtevant)

The ultimate “mulligan event!” 18-hole, individual event separated into A and B flights.
This is a scramble event so it is being played under MARK, LIFT, CLEAN & PLACE rules.
Each player will get his full handicap in strokes as “do overs” that can be used anywhere
on the course. (Example: a player with a course handicap of 12 will be allowed to replay twelve
shots anywhere throughout the round. Only one mulligan is allowed per shot. Picked the best
of the two shots and proceed. Record your gross score for each hole. There is NO NET
component to this event. Your gross score that includes using the mulligans will be recorded
in your flight. Mulligans are NOT eligible for the Hole-in-One fund or any of the hole events.

Event Rules
The player is allowed one club relief thru the green not nearer the hole, one putter head
relief on the green not nearer the cup. The player has the option which "do-over" shot to
accept but may only re-hit a shot once. *REMEMBER* In the interest of faster play, you are
encouraged to hit a provisional in the same manner you would under any other club event.
Procedure: (1)
DECLARE you are hitting a provisional. (2) if your original shot is found, that ball is now in play.
(3) If your original shot is NOT found, your provisional is now in play. (4) If you have any
"mulligans" remaining, you can use one in place of your provisional to avoid the stroke &
distance penalty of a lost ball.

2018 Winners:
A Flight: N/A – event rained out
B Flight: N/A – event rained out

Any disqualified player is not eligible for event prizes.
While it is possible to play in club events without having met the obligation to maintain
a current and proper handicap, members who chose to do so are at risk of voiding any prizes
they may win.
Dress code: No cut offs, no frayed jeans or jeans with holes. Shirts must have a collar.
Shorts must be knee length.
Pace of play will be monitored and recorded.

Entry Fee:
$48.00 (cart included and mandatory) Application Deadline: 8/30/19

SIGN UP ONLINE! If mailing a check, make it payable to OAKWOOD MEN’S GOLF CLUB
and send to Dan Pung. If mailing a paper application, include your check with the application
and mail it to the event chair.

John Winter
2019 E. Juniper Drive
Oak Creek, WI 53154
Mobile: 414.333.8586
Email: johnwintergolf@gmail.com

Dan Pung
11215 W. Drake Ln
Franklin, WI 53132
Mobile: 414.708.7590
Email: johnwintergolf@gmail.com

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