Book of Demons: Beta Feedback Survey
Did you have any technical issues with the game?
Installation problems, mouse problems, no sound, graphics issues, etc.
If you said “yes”, describe the problems you had:
Your answer
The most important question: What do you think about the game?
It’s awful!!
It’s awesome!!
Were the game objectives, rules and controls clear?
If not everything was clear, please describe the biggest hurdles you had:
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What do you think about game’s help and tutorials?
popup windows with instructions during the game
What do you think about the difficulty level of the game?
Please check the elements that were below your expectations, and we should put more work into:
Please check the elements that were high points of the game and that you were impressed with:
What do you think about the card system?
Did anything in the game frustrate you?
Did you adjust the game size with the slider when starting?
Is the game engaging enough?
Please select your sex
Tell us how old you are
Did you play any hack & slash games before?
Diablo, Torchlight, Path of Exile, etc.
What are your favorite game genres?
How fun was playing Book of Demons in comparison to other games you played?
Would like to add anything?
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