ISA International Tree Climbing Championship Rules and Regulations Survey
This survey is to elicit feedback from the community on ISA Tree Climbing Championship Rules and Regulations. This does not guarantee any suggestions will become changes, but a tool to continue to evaluate how we host our events as successfully as possible.
How would you rate the current format of the ITCC? *
Of the events listed below rank them 1-5 with 1 being an event you greatly dislike, and 5 being an event you greatly enjoy. *
Work Climb Event
Aerial Rescue Event
Throwline Event
Belayed Speed Climb Event
Ascent Event
Masters' Challenge
How do you feel the ITCC event is relevant to our industry? *
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Gear inspection is a required process for TCC events. What ideas can you share that might continue to improve this process? *
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An important aspect of this event is to provide a platform for climbers to collaborate and share techniques and strategies. What ideas might you have to encourage and promote this activity? *
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What potential educational topics or content would you like seen incorporated at TCC events to maximize their value to climbers and attendees? *
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If you were able to make any additional changes to the events in the competition to be more successful what would you change? *
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Do you have any additional comments or suggestions regarding potential improvements to the ISA ITCC?
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If you are open to having a representative from ISA contact you in regards to your responses please provide us your email.
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