2018 IAS Birding List Report Form
Please report totals that conform to the official Indiana state list as kept by the Indiana Bird Records Committee.

Totals for the ABA should conform to the official ABA list which can be found at www.ABA.org. Access the current ABA checklist by selecting the "Listing and Taxonomy" tab on the top of the website. On the Version 8.0.5 area click on the download format that you prefer. Please note that the ABA list now includes Hawaii. The North America list covers everything north of the Columbia-Panama border. It includes the West Indies but not Hawaii.

The world list should correspond to the Clements Checklist of Birds of the World. This list is kept by the Cornell Laboratory of Ornithology www.birds.cornell.edu/clementschecklist.

All lists should be limited to a 50 species or more.

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