Vigilante D&D: Future Chapter Sign-Up
Welcome future Vigilante D&D Players! Thank you for your interest in gaming with us. New players are typically added to our campaign every 16 weeks (the length of one Chapter of play). While we can't guaranty a spot in future Chapters, we see at least a few openings every season.
Story Information
We run Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition, with an extensively written world custom to our campaign. We run one game on Monday and another, separate game on Wednesday. The game is organized into Chapters, which are 16 weeks in length (with one World Building game in-between Chapters). All players begin at first level and have the option to carry their character forward between seasons. Participation costs $5 per night (Vigilante's normal nightly Game Night Fee). Sign-up on this form will enter you on the roster of interested players, but due to limited spaces due to seating and DM constraints, does not guarantee you a spot. We email the waitlist at the end of every Chapter to update interested parties.
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