Impact Awards 2018 Nominations
Our eleven award categories celebrate outstanding projects and people taking part in Student Representation, Global experiences, and Peer Learning and Support at the University of Edinburgh.

General Eligibility:
All activities that are nominated should be student-led, i.e. they should be run wholly, or in part, by students at the University of Edinburgh. The activities for which the nomination refers should have taken place in the 2017-18 academic year, or the summer prior to this (from June 2017).

Both students and university staff can nominate for all awards. Your details will be kept anonymous. Nomination comments may be quoted. Nominations will close on Wednesday 28th February 2018.

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Global Community on Campus
This award recognises a student who has made a significant contribution to developing the global community at the University of Edinburgh. This could be either on campus, in halls or connecting the university with the surrounding community. They could have made an impact through bringing together students from different cultures and countries, encouraging global citizenship, adding a global dimension to classes or extra-curricular activities, or a combination of these.

Eligibility for Global Awards:
The ‘Best Volunteer in Global Projects’ award is open to any Edinburgh Buddy, Buddies Committee Member, Tandem Committee Member, Tandem Volunteer or Gather Ambassador.

There is no exhaustive list of activities that your nominees are restricted to for the awards for ‘Outstanding Global Citizenship’ and ‘Global Community on Campus’ however for the ‘Global Community on Campus’ award the activity recognised should have been either on campus, in halls or connecting the university with the surrounding community.

It is important that the nominees have demonstrated the attributes outlined in the award descriptions and that their activities embody the themes of the respective award. For all Global Awards, you are invited to nominate either individual students or groups of students whose activities have had a positive impact not only on the nominees themselves, but also on others.

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The information you provide is the only information that will be used to assess the strength of the nomination, so it's important you provide as much information as possible and, where possible, examples. What makes this person or project really special? What impact have they had, and why do you think they should win? Check the Nomination Guidelines for information on each award category.
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