Pattycake Bakery Job Application
Apply to work with Pattycake! We are always looking for co-operatively-minded individuals to join our team of all-stars. Typically applications are kept on file for six months, so feel free to re-apply and update your information. Please apply with your preferred name, although if hired we will need a legal name for tax documents. Because of the nature of the machinery we use in the bakery, only applicants 18 years or older are eligible for hire.

As of April 2018, trial pay starts at $10/hr moving into $10-11.50/hr once hired. All full-time workers at our co-op are eligible to join the board of worker-owners after one year of employment with us. Training for baking and icing is intensive, so we prefer to hire folks who can work full-time and will make at least a one-year commitment.

A copy of your submitted application will be sent to the e-mail address you provide below for your records.

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