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Hello! We’re trying to collect as many personal stories as we can, spanning MLC’s entire 50-year history, for publication in an MLC 50th Anniversary Journal to be made available at the anniversary celebration on September 15, 2018. Write a fond recollection, a humorous episode, a teacher profile, a praise or criticism of MLC’s impact in your life, even a poem or a play. All submissions will be considered, although edited for grammar and length (1000 words or so). Since this is an all-age publication, please keep it on the clean side! We also plan to have video-interview and memory-writing booths at the event. If you have photographs or clippings or even video of your own, please upload these directly to the MLC History Website!
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Do you have any news to share about your life after MLC? (This doesn't necessarily mean outside accolades and awards, though we want to hear about those too! We want to share the variety of experiences of the MLC diaspora; personal and professional proud moments welcome.)
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