CDIT Instructor Monthly Report
Hello CDIT insructors! Thank you for your dedication to our students this month. Please take a few minutes to complete this report and submit it each month before you submit your invoice. These reports are crucial for maintaining funding for our programs, so please take your time to submit thoughtful responses. Remember to email your attendance records to the Program Manager as well.
What is your name? *
What program are you reporting on? *
e.g. Tech St@rs: Computer Basics
Please share the month and year you are reporting on. *
e.g. Spring 2015
Please describe in a few sentences the content you covered in the past month. *
Describe any changes you made to the programming in the last month, if any. *
What patterns of interest or difficulty do you see among students that we can address in the future? *
Please share success stories from the past month. The *
Be as specific as possible.
Please share a story about how students are benefiting from your classes in one or all of the following ways: adopting new technology outside of class, increasing workforce skills and getting employment, finding educational opportunities and furthering education. The *
Please be as specific as possible, with a story/anecdote about a specific student or group of students.
Please share challenges from the past month. *
Be as specific as possible.
Did you feel you had the resources and support needed to conduct this class? If applicable, please share ways that you have been supported by PEC staff in the past month. *
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What resources could improve the effectiveness of this class for students and yourself? If applicable, please share ways that you can be better supported by PEC staff in the future. *
Be as specific as possible.
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