wares volunteer caretaker signups
Hello and thank you for your interest in volunteering to take care of the wares infoshop library.

This signup form will help us get to know you and determine if you’d be a good fit with the project and our ethos, in particular as you’d be encountering visitors in this capacity, and also as we’re using the space alongside other folks with soft/WALL/studs. There will be up to 10 questions in this form depending on whether you're a returning volunteer, with five involving short written responses; it should take less than 10 minutes to complete.

For first time caretakers, you will be accompanied on the first session by a more experienced volunteer who will walk you through things in person. Subsequently, you may pick times and dates of your choosing on our roster.

As with visiting, you are welcome to use our shared rooms to do your work, rest, or even gather, keeping in mind the main tasks of ensuring the opening and/or closing of the space and keeping it quiet, hospitable, and welcoming. More on this will be covered in the volunteer guide which you will receive if selected. We’d like to remind you that our space is not air-conditioned and unfortunately not wheelchair accessible.

Thank you for offering your time and presence with us and in keeping the library open! For reasons of time or affinity, we don’t know if we can accept all signups, and hope you can understand if this happens to be the case. We still hope to see you around, both on and offline.
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