English Shepherd Puppy Questions
This form is intended to help future puppy owners consider the many factors of puppy ownership. This form will also assist us in deciding if an English Shepherd is a good fit for you and which puppy best suits your lifestyle.
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What do you know or what is your experience with English Shepherds as a breed and/or dogs in general? Have you met any English Shepherds before? *
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What is your current and foreseeable future living situation? *
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English Shepherds like to have a job. They are excellent farm/herding dogs, make good watch dogs, and are used for Agility and other activities. They also like to play fetch and go for walks. What do you like to do with dogs?
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Animals your puppy may have contact with.
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How do the other people living with you feel about bringing a new English Shepherd into the living space? Will everyone help out with training? *
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How long will your dog be left without people during the day? Where will your dog be when you are out? *
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How do you plan to train and socialize your puppy? *
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If you won't be coming in person to visit the puppies, how will you decide which puppy you want? *
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