Soul of Sake - Lounge and Learn
Sake Discoveries presents our first virtual Soul of Sake Lounge and Learn experience! Hosted by yours truly, Miss Sake USA Jessica Joly, we’ll be taking a deep dive into the roots of Japanese sake alongside some old school American soul. Join us as we drink and converse about sake with the actual producers of the brewery. Each week we will feature a specific producer to learn about their sake’s taste, profile, a fun way to make a sake cocktail, as well as some secret insider information.
If you don’t want to drink, no problem! Join us for the knowledge and the fun! Every week will feature special guests from the breweries across Japan to share virtual tours, images, and history behind each location. Don’t miss the best sake happy hour around! Pull up a seat, and get ready for Soul of Sake Lounge & Learn.

PRICE: $20 / Per Person to Join Zoom (Virtual Meeting)
include the brewery as the descriptions for payment so we know which one you are joining

*100% of the profits will be donated to SakaMai Restaurant (NYC) to make meals for the local first responders in downtown, Manhattan #SupportLocal

Please be sure to VENMO prior to the event and you will be confirmed once the funds are received.
All participants will receive a confirmation e-mail 48 hours prior to the event with the Zoom Meeting Link

*Sake/Shochu is not included in the pricing and is optional for participation, it is recommended if you would like to follow along during the tasting notes. Listed below are the sake selections we will be tasting.

July 17th 9PM EASTERN - Niwa No Uguisu (Nightingales Garden)

Nuruhada Junmai Ginjo
Junmai Ginjo 60

Majority of these beverages can be purchased through


Brooklyn / NYC available for delivery

NYC Shops
Ambassador Wine & Spirits (1020 2nd Avenue)

New Jersey
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