Chippenham ASC - Regional Entry Request
Please use the following for to indicate the regional events for which you wish to request entry. You may request to enter for regional events for which you do not currently have a qualifying time, but intend to obtain the time during a swimming event in the future. Chippenham ASC will automatically then enter you for that event based on your request. Please understand that this is a commitment to attend and pay for the entry into the regional events. (If you have a qualifying time in RANKINGS at the time of submission of entries Chippenham ASC will use your choices below to automatically make the appropriate entries for you). Please select the events you wish to enter.

PLEASE NOTE: Considerations are not guaranteed places in the regional competitions. We will wait for the Region to confirm the successful entries and subsequently inform you of any 'dropped' entries.

Please enter the club PASSWORD to continue with event entry. Please ask any member of the committee or a coach if you do not know the password (or see the original email invite).

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Please enter the club password to continue in all lower case (please check on tablets as frequently they make the first character in capitals).
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