SCEC Open-Source Software and Data Access Workshop
Dates: September 8, 2018
Location: Hilton Palm Springs, California
Participants: Limited to 50 participants

Conveners: Philip Maechling, Christine Goulet, and Tran Huynh

During this 1-day workshop, SCEC’s research computing group will describe and demonstrate a collection of SCEC-developed Open-Source Software and Data Access Tools currently available to the SCEC community and will answer technical questions and gather feedback from the community on these tools. The SCEC Open-Source Software and Data Access Tools featured in this workshop include:
(1) SCEC Unified Community Velocity Model Software Framework (UCVM)
(2) SCEC Broadband Platform (BBP)
(3) SCEC NHERI DesignSafe-CI Broadband Data Access Site
(4) OpenSHA Seismic Hazard Analysis Tool
(5) SCEC UGMS Committee Site-Specific MCER & Design Response Spectra Tool

Through a series of working examples, we will show how these software tools run on local computers, and on high-performance computing clusters. The workshop will be conducted in five sessions, with each session focusing on a specific open-software project (SCEC UCVM, BBP, OpenSHA) or SCEC simulation data access project (NHERI DesignSafe-CI BBP, UGMS MCER). The demonstrations will be done by computer scientists or research programmers from the project software development team. After the sessions, all interested users are invited to install and/or use the featured software of their choice at the “SCEC Software Clinic” conducted by the software development teams.

This workshop is intended for current and potential users (and developers) of SCEC scientific computing software. Interested participants will most benefit if s/he has familiarity with running open-source programs from a Linux command line or terminal window, and is comfortable using a Linux text editor (e.g. emacs, vi, vim, or nano).

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The deadline to apply for participation and travel support is August 17, 2018.
We are no longer accepting applications.

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