The Pressure of Perfection
Thanks for helping me. The more I interact with teens the more I come to understand the level of stress that they are under. Understand, that anxiety is normal. In the days of the cavemen, the racing pulse, the queazy stomach, that heightened response helped protect them from danger. Now the world we live in is relatively safe and anxiety is no longer a tool for our physical safety as often and now it seems to wreck havoc with out emotional well being.

I am in no way an expert in the field and I am not approaching this as such. I am just a mom who hurts for the kids who are facing this. And as an artist, I am wanting to create a body of work that helps bring light to the struggle. A certain level of anxiety is normal, but if you think that you might be experiencing more than that, please get help. This is not meant to be that sort of help.
The Questionnaire Side of this Project
Feel free to answer this survey anonymously! I only need you name if you think that you might be interested in participating in the Portrait Side of the project.
How old are you?
Would you say that stress and anxiety is a problem for you?
Would you say that stress and anxiety is a problem for your friends?
Would you consider your school highly competitive?
Are you involved in highly competitive extra curricular activities?
How important are these things in your life?
Not very important
Somewhat important
Extra curricular
How much overall stress and anxiety would you say that you face?
None- Life is carefree and easy-
The stress is CRAZY!
What are the sources of your stress?
No Stress
A little bit of stress
A fair amount of stress
A lot of stress
Overwhelming stress
Personal Appearance
Extra Curricular Activities
Romantic Relationships
Future plans
How has anxiety affected your life?
Your answer
Does anxiety keep you from trying new things and taking risks?
What words would you use to describe the effect on anxiety on your life?
What sort of analogy would you use to explain the stress in your life?
Your answer
Do you feel like the adults in your life understand the stress that you are under?
Is there anything else you would like to say?
Your answer
Participation in the Portrait side of this project
If you might like to participate in the portrait side of this project:
1. You need to live in the greater Austin area
2. I need to have your contact information
3. I need to have a model release signed by a parent

**Registration won't mean that you will be chosen to participate. Participation is free of charge.
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