Are you ready to GET UNSTUCK with Meredith Moore Crosby?
I want you to love what you do. My goal is to show you how to shift your mindset to see people and partnerships as resources to align your life with your purpose. Over the last three years, my coaching practice has quickly gained a loyal following. Are you ready to get unstuck?

As a coach, I focus on integrating wellness, purpose, and career planning into my work and my life. You'll find the motivation to achieve your goals through live, group coaching sessions, and guided steps.

The TRIBE methodology starts with goal setting and getting clear about what you want. Next, we'll shift your mindset and your language to align your time. Finally, we help you negotiate your career to the next level. This program is designed to help leaders and entrepreneurs like you, create the life you want.

Before our goal-setting call, I'll explain the coaching format, International Coaching Federation guidelines, and answer your questions about the program.

It's important to note your responses are kept confidential and are only used to help me prepare for your session.

- Meredith Moore Crosby, communications expert, leadership coach and author of Getting Unstuck: A Guide to Moving Your Career Forward.
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Thank you for your interest in Getting Unstuck coaching with Meredith Moore Crosby!
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